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Title: Writing rules
Post by: Fairy22122 on Jun 28, 2018, 06:29 PM
This should give writers a general understanding of what is and isn't okay.

 If you know of me then you know I started the fan fiction bullshit here. Though I say everything and anything is open to be written about, there's some stuff you may want to avoid or give warning to readers about.

I'm not saying you can't give a lemon to your smut yaoi fan fiction. What I'm saying is give a warning.
Examples: 18+ mature content or Extreme violence
You can write, to an extent, what ever you want. Just let people know what's going to be in it so they can judge whether or not they should. Some people can't handle certain things, and to give creative freedom to everyone, use a warning at the start of your written piece. If you don't admins will have to edit or delete posts, and we don't want that.

This one can be a little tricky to handle. Write what you want, but some things aren't okay. Lets say I've been stalking Ducky for years, I've written him letters and followed him to work and been a total creeper. You shouldn't ship us together. That case would be a bit extreme, and if that happened I would be banned from the servers. This is just an example to get the point across however. Don't write in ships that aren't okay to joke about. Like if two people break up, don't write about how you think they should be together and show how happy two characters of them are.
That's an inappropriate ship.
Or lets say one of us gets someone who keeps asking them out over and over and over, but get turned down. Said person writing about being in a relationship with said other person isn't okay. That could fall under harassment and we won't allow that happen.

Ultimately be smart about your ships.

Just don't. Simple, no pedophilia.

If two people hate each other, don't write about them killing each other.
If you hate someone, don't write about killing them.

How I write is I just start and fill in the names as I go. I know how I want the story to happen, and I just pick names from our community. Some things I put in as jokes, and some people I'll write about as a joke. Ultimately I'm just writing what I want, and giving it a flare from our servers to keep people interested. We are doing this for fun, and to bring an added level of fun and excitement to our friends.

I'll update this as we continue our lives together, and if there's anything you want me to add send me a message or post below.
For now though, have fun reading and writing!